26 March 2007

shell game

My friend came to visit and saw my doily emerging from my needles and said, Oh, it looks like one of those shells, and then neither one of us could think of the name of what kind of shell it was. After she had left I realized that I actually possess such a shell, and ransacked the apartment til I found it. Then I tried to get a picture on our crappy old camera.

Separated at birth, n'est-ce pas? If I had more size 1 needles the big one wouldn't even be suffering from triangulation. I may have to go and get some more anyway before this doily is through - it has gotten big enough to be a pain on the three needles.

Here's what my friend made for me. It's not knitting, but it's an exquisite handcraft, so up it goes. Extra credit to anyone who can name that tune.

(I think that extra credit is pretty much impossible, given the way it's folded. Also, as my husband immediately pointed out when he saw it, there's no bass line.)

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