19 November 2007

Chance of rain

Or so they said in yesterday's weather forecast.

What a perfect day for sitting and knitting and spinning. Unfortunately I have to work.

I got nothing for the blog this week. I'm still slogging away on the divine Chanel Crossing. Here are some sneak preview pictures (blurry, as befits sneak preview pictures. This is the blog equivalent of those first-run movies you can buy on DVD from some guy on the street who taped it in the theater on his pocket video camera. You want them in focus, you have to wait for the official premiere).

My husband looked at me last night as I inched my way up the second sleeve and said, "Is that the sweater you wanted to finish for Rhinebeck?"

I think I detected a faint note of derision in his voice, but perhaps it was merely incredulity. I hope it was incredulity that I would wear something so glamourous to Rhinebeck, rather than a hint of doubt that I would finish this by Christmas.


kitkatknit said...

I for one think it is the perfect Christmas sweater. No pressure though. hee hee

Manu said...

Gorgeous. Is that knitted ???????????????
Wow. I have to say it is perfect Chanel fabric you got there.
I hope you had it done in time.

And I love the pics of snow and the farm. I envy you. I wish I had a nice view like that from my windows.
The closest I get to farming views is the combines and hay harvester in the field in front of my house.
2 or 3 days / year. The bestest.

Thanks for sharing

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