12 November 2007

Handspun Harlot Hat

Three years ago I never would have dreamed that you could make this

into this

by way of this

thanks to this.

When I saw Stephanie's post about a spontaneous hat I knew that was what my handspun wanted to be.
It was my first actual cable project too, so I can cross that one off my list.

And I think I even have enough yarn left for a scarf.


Shan said...

Ah, wonderful! Isn't that great! That yarn is beautiful - and handspun, how cool. I need to learn.

kitkatknit said...

Hey is that the roving I sent you!! Great in the hat. I just finished a SPM One Row Handspun Scarf. 4 oz - 288 yards - cast on 38 stitches made a (unblocked) 10x56" scarf.

Farrah said...

Wow! That hat is amazing. I love that you included the pictorial progression.