22 July 2008

Color in Spinning


Creative chaos is the name of the game around here.
This is what happens when you love to buy fiber but have very little time to spin.

Color in spinning is a fascinating topic. I've read a book or two, but learning by doing seems to be the best way to go.

For instance, I would not have predicted that this yarn, which seems pretty uniform in color


would turn into this strongly striped scarf.

Swallowtail Shawl


Nor would I have thought that this roving (an anonymous merino-tencel or perhaps even merino-silk blend I got at Rhinebeck)


would blend with another fiber that looked all graphite-colored to become this scarf.

Melon shawl, almost done

This is made of 3 different yarns - one two-ply graphite (Nuit Noire from Zen String), one with one ply of each fiber, and one two-ply with the Rhinebeck roving. Extra credit to anyone who can tell which part of the scarf is which.


Shan said...

Wow, that IS a prominent stripe. Who'd'a thunk?

Thanks for stopping by HSBoots...and I'm glad to see you back!

Smitten Knitten said...

Both are just so pretty! I can't decide which I like best, but I'm really kind of drawn to the pooling in the gray scarf.