30 August 2008

Rough Fell

On the hoof.

In the shed.

In the bath.

Got fiber?

And back in its natural habitat.

This breed is not necessarily a handspinner's best friend. The rougher outer fibers (which I spun up) create something that feels like packing twine.

But there is something incredibly cool about turning fiber from the sheep you see around you every day into yarn you can actually knit with.
And it should make a perfect rug.

(Admission: the sheep in the first picture is not literally the same sheep from which I got my fiber. But it came from within a mile of this sheep.)


Shan said...

Incredibly cool.

Nice to see you!

rubbishknitter said...

handsome sheep there. She doesn't look like she'd take any nonsense. I bet her (or her sheepyfriends') fleeces would make an awesome rug....