21 May 2007

Baby Knitting

We interrupt the long string of Sockapalooza posts for an important message.

See this? This is a completed baby blanket.
Stephanie says on good authority that baby knitting has to be finished for a baby to be born.

So like a good knitter, I finished my nephew's blanket on time. Down to the crochet border.

So where's the baby?

He was due to arrive on May 18. Note that it is now May 21. My brother assures me that if my sister-in-law were carrying any lower, he would actually be waving out at the rest of the family. But he is still inside.

I am hoping that posting images of his birthday gift will act as an inducement for him to make an appearance.
Because I am going up there on Friday, and I want to meet a baby. (At this rate, I might be present for the birth!)

See that knitting, kid? How can you resist?

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