22 May 2007


Ah, the thrill of victory. I never won anything before.
KitKatKnit had a name-that-painting contest, and I got lucky.

I am extra lucky because the prize is roving, and one of my goals for this summer is learning to spin.

Thanks, KitKatKnit!

Which brings me to the next contest. Skeins Her Way is having a contest that is more of a helpful motivator for her blog readers, asking each entrant to post a list of his/her knitting goals for summer.

I wondered whether "goals" meant "things you think you actually will do" or "things that in a perfect world you would do, along with solving world hunger." But Ali's own list left no doubt. It's the latter.

So here are my goals for summer.

Learn to spin.
Finish my Angela shawl.
Finish my tricolor tweed jacket-in-progress.
A linen sweater/jacket of some sort with that great linen in my stash, in a lace pattern.
A pair of socks with my still-untouched Tequila-Sunrise-colored Koigu PPPM.
A pair of felted slippers.
Finish my sock-pal socks.
And experiment with the neat stuff Nona is doing with the sideways sock. I am completely inspired.

This list may seem modest, but if I am doing everything else I hope to do this summer, I won't even get that much done.

PS: Still no baby.
Edited to add: BABY!!! THIS MORNING!! 8.5 pounds, still nameless, born in bed before the midwife even got there. (!!!)


anne said...

Congrats on the new nameless nephew!!

Kate said...

8.5 pounds, born that fast - ouch! Happy thoughts to mother and baby, and everyone else in the family.
If you're thinking of making a sideways sock, learn from my mistakes, and TRIPLE-CHECK your numbers, because you can't really try on as you go.

pewter_wings said...

Hi sock pal!

I am so excited I was matched with you. I have nearly exactly the same size foot and do not consider you to be 'big foot'. :)

I am just wondering how long you prefer the legs to your socks.

I am having so much fun making these for you.