20 May 2007

Size matters, part II


They're too big.

I've been blithely measuring on my own foot, thinking that my feet are about the same size as my sock pal's. But they're not. They are the same LENGTH as my sock pal's. But hers are more than an inch narrower. And I've been worried these are too loose on MY foot.


I'm far enough into these that I'm considering knitting the whole thing.
Silver lining: that way, I can make sure the pattern works. I can then knit her a new, cleaner, smaller pair without any of the minor glitches that have emerged in this pair. (They will also go faster, being smaller.)
And then I will have a nice new pair of socks from Sockapalooza as well, which will help compensate if I remain a sock-pal orphan.

And I don't know if I can face frogging AGAIN!!!!!

1 comment:

Carola said...

Nice colour combo and I really like the way the stripes change from the top of the foot to the sole. That's already pretty enough for me (no need for diamonds, but I am also curious how they are going to turn out). Too bad that you have to start all over again, but the result will be worth it!