11 June 2007

Everyone's a winner

Drum roll please...

The correct answer to the contest question: my clever idea for masking the change from one color yarn to another overlooked the fact that mosaic stitch and stockinette have different gauges, so there was a rippled stripe of looser knitting, where I did stranded K1 K1 K1, creating a major pucker down the center of the sole of my sock.

Four people got the correct answer, so as promised I drew names out of a hat. Here are the results.

The grand prize of a skein of Jitterbug sock yarn, colorway Ruby, goes to Susan (sb).

First runner-up of two skeins of yarn in the same colors I'm using for my socks: Alli Gator

Second runner up of two skeins of yarn in contrasting colors suitable for stranded or mosaic sock knitting: Helga (Mythen und Sagen).

And for the last-place finisher: the bad news is that you don't get sock yarn. The good news is that you get four skeins of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere in contrasting colors, plus a little extra for seaming. It goes to Cindy in Oregon.

Thanks to everyone for participating. And sorry to be slow in posting the results. I thought I would have plenty of time to post before my four house guests arrived for the week... but I forgot about the part about cleaning up the house all day Saturday. (So that I could apologize for the mess when they arrived, all the while secretly thinking, You have no idea how bad it REALLY can be...)

Oh, my out-of-town friend said when she saw the yarn closet. You knit?


Helga said...

Thank you! I am so excited.
Have fun with your non-knitting friends. I love your cleaning attitude.

s b said...

Everyone's a winner--I love it!! Thanks for hosting this contest...I'm so excited for my yarn! :)
Non-knitters are a little shocked when they see the stash...I usually try to hide it to protect the innocent (me and my yarn...)

Cindy said...

Thanks! And yes, there are other things to knit besides socks, so Cotton/Cashmere is a great prize! :)