21 June 2007

Things I have learned from Ravelry

-- I am terrible at keeping count of the number of skeins used in a project. Skeins? How many skeins? It's just a bunch of yarn. I will never publish a design at this rate.

-- Monkeys rule.

-- The design for the Noro Fitzgerald sweater is fundamentally flawed - it's not just me (or rather, my husband) who has trouble with the collar spreading out too wide. (It looks so nice and casual in the pattern picture - little does one know how much tugging and adjusting is needed to achieve that effect.)
(This is one I have been meaning to attack with a crochet hook - I think it can at least be improved.)
(And I can't find my picture of it at the moment, so you will just have to take my word for it.)

-- It is possible to lose two hours of your life in the blink of an eye.

-- So THAT'S how you use Flickr.

-- Even though, after a couple of years of watching everyone else's blogs from the sidelines, I feel a little like an outsider in this whole knitting scene, I am just as much a "real" knitter as anyone. (This one is taking a while to sink in.)
I even got an invitation! Me! To Ravelry! Just like the real bloggers do!

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