05 June 2007

Sock and Contest update

We're heading up the leg into the home stretch. I can't decide if it's too busy or not.
Plus, there are two tiny gaps on the foot that are driving me crazy.
Well, we have some time til August, so if I have to rip, I have to rip. I just want to make sure I'm happy with it before I send it off.

No correct answer has come in yet in the Sock Contest (see below). Reminder: a skein of gorgeous sock yarn (2 socks' worth) goes to one person with the right answer to my test question about the mistake I made in designing my sock pal's sock. Very few answers so far, so it should be easy pickings.

Maybe if I add another hint?

Here it is: I followed the directions exactly. That is, the mistake is something within the directions that I didn't figure out, rather than a mistake I made by not following the directions closely enough.


Carrie said...

I don't think it looks too busy, I think it looks great. Socks are a chance to go a little crazy with colors / patterns, I say go for it.

s b said...

Not too busy at all...I think it looks REALLY COOL!!! I want that sock!!!

Sarah said...

This sock is so gorgeous and not at all too busy.

Helga said...

I think it is absolutely beautiful and not at all busy. By the way, I think I figured out the problem you had. - Helga

knitty_kat said...

this is sooooo nice! Love it!