15 June 2007

Slow Mail Day

I should be attending to this.

(The Jitterbug says, Hey, shouldn't I be on my way to Susan by now?)

Instead, I have been doing things like this.

And this.

(Extra credit: Name that ballet!) (Photo credit: Paul Kolnik.)

Having friends in from out of town can make you fall in love with the city all over again.

But it does make it hard to get to the post office.


s b said...

Ohhhh...pretty yarn! Can't wait...but seriously? There's no rush. I'm not allowed to cast on anything else until I finish my sockapalooza socks (I'm bossy!) and I'm only halfway through the first foot. Enjoy your out-of-town visitors...the yarn will still be there next week, but your friends won't. :) GREAT pic of the bridge! I've never made it out that way...but we have our own (smaller) famous bridges out this way...

Carie said...

Oh so pretty - both the bridge and the yarn! Love the sockpalooza socks too