04 June 2007

Since roving's been my pleasure

Anyone else share my childhood memories of American folk songs? Ever since this luscious roving arrived, the tune "A-roving, a-roving, since roving's been my pleasure, I'll go no more a-roving with you, fair maid" has been circling, and circling, and circling, in my head.

(It circled so much that I just Googled it and found the lyric given as "ruin" rather than "pleasure." I stand by my childhood memories and, I believe, the Fireside Book of Folk Song, but if spinning is as addictive as knitting, "ruin" may well be equally appropriate.)

Anyway, this beautiful roving arrived courtesy of Susan, whose contest I won. And because I am only just about to stick my toe into the world of spinning, she generously added some roving more appropriate for a rank beginner. Plus, this wonderful and clever sheep tape measure. I am agog. Thank you, Susan!
(And thank you, Wayne Thiebaud, since your painting was the reason I won the contest. I should knit him a pair of socks or something.)

In the interests of paying it forward, I have an idea for a contest of my own. Stay tuned.

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